Italian luxury hypercar brand unveils masterpiece in Abu Dhabi

FV Frangivento Automobili, the Italian luxury hypercar brand, unveiled its Frangivento Asfanè DieciDieci at Abu Dhabi’s Emirates Palace.

A work of art of Italian luxury car connoisseurs Paolo Mancini, Giorgio Pirolo and Carlo Pirolo, the vehicle has been created with a concentrated focus on aerodynamics and consumer comfort.

Frangivento, meaning ‘cuts through the wind’, combines high-performance and eco-friendly trappings, while allowing customers to suggest important aesthetic modifications to the vehicle’s form.

Dr Abdallah Raweh, Frangivento brand ambassador to the UAE, explains that the vehicle “is a tribute to ‘Made in Italy’ by three of the most respected names in the field. Their combined decades of expertise and experience, and their extensive network of contacts in the luxury car industry have enabled them to deliver a dream Italian luxury sports car.”

“The concept builds on the best of Italian know-how for the past 50 years, and translates it into the future. We aim to make Frangivento a known name that stands for superior design and performance. After all, we are in the UAE, the perfect place for the best of the best.”

Carlo Pirolo, one of the visionaries, believes the car is a perfect match for the UAE, as it is a modern sense of luxury with a large emphasis on personalisation.

Frangivento not only offers an extensive line of customisable cosmetic options but also allows buyers access to their development programme, which involves them in the interior and exterior design phases of their vehicle.